Papua Provincial Government Probes an Educational Cooperation with East Java Provincial Government – A Papua Provincial Government is exploring cooperation in the field of education with the East Java Provincial Government. The cooperation plan was carried out by involving the Kosgoro Collective Regional Leaders (PDK) of Papua with the Kosgoro PDK of East Java during the VI Mubes Kosgoro Young Generation in Jayapura, Tuesday (8/3/2022).

The Governor of Papua, represented by the Papua Provincial Secretary, Ridwan Ruikutun, conveyed the plan when giving a speech at the Mubes event. The general chairman of the Kosgoro Collective Center, Hayono Isman, responded well the education cooperation plan.

 “Educational cooperation involving Kosgoro is excellence. In East Java, there are many Kosgoro schools. Hopefully, in the future, Kosgoro schools will also be born in Papua. Later, the cooperation can be agreed between the Governor of East Java and the Governor of Papua,” hoped Hayono.

Technically, the former Mepora continued, teachers from Papua could be sent to be trained in East Java. Concerning the plan, a Head of the East Java Communications and Information Service, Hudiyono, who was specially invited to attend the Mubes in Jayapura also responded it well.

Hudiyono explained that the training of Papuan teachers in East Java could be collaborated with the East Java Provincial Government. “East Java has the best BPSDM (Human Resource Development Agency) in Indonesia. The training can be held in East Java,” said the man who is also the Chairman of the Kosgoro East Java Collective Regional Leadership.

Later, Hudiyono continued, the Papua Provincial Government through the Papua Education Office could collaborate with the Kosogoro Papua PDK and cooperate with the East Java Provincial Government and the East Java Kosogoro PDK. “Hopefully this educational collaboration can strengthen cooperation between East Java Province and Papua,” he concluded.

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