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Papua Provincial Government Launches a Track Record Book of Special Autonomy Implementation

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Provincial Government launched a book entitled “Revealing the Facts of Papuan Development, a Track Record of the Implementation of Special Autonomy (2002 – 2020)” in Jayapura City, Thursday (9/12/2021).

The book was published in response to the assessment of a number of parties stated that Papua’s Special Autonomy had failed. The book “Revealing the Facts of Papua Development, Tracks of the Implementation of Special Autonomy (2002 – 2020)” with 4-centimeter thick was launched on the sidelines of a meeting between the Governor of Papua and the regents/mayors to discuss the division of authority after the enactment of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2 of 2021 concerning Changes The second is the Papua Special Autonomy Law (Revised Law on Papua Special Autonomy Law) on Thursday.

The meeting discussed the continuity of various programs financed with the Papua Special Autonomy Fund, because the portion of the Papua Special Autonomy Fund for the provincial government would be significantly reduced. The head of the Papua Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), Yohanis Walilo said the book “Revealing the Facts of Papuan Development, Track Records of the Implementation of Otsus (2002 – 2020)” was published to refute various assumptions that Otsus Papua failed.

“Otsus is only a program. So if you say it doesn’t work, maybe it’s just the person. Therefore, we launched the book, to show whether Otsus was successful or not,” said Walilo, Thursday. He stated that the success of Otsus had actually been felt by the people of Papua. For example, road construction using special autonomy funds, as well as exemption from school fees for indigenous Papuans from kindergarten to university.

“So actually the development in the district/city has been carried out, it uses 80 percent of the Special Autonomy Fund distributed by the Papua Provincial Government. It is not visible, but the benefits are felt by the community,” he said.

Walilo hopes that all residents can take the time to read the book. If there are corrections, he said, please submit them to the Papua Provincial Government. “Please read this book. If there are corrections and others, please tell us. What is clear is that we bring experts to reveal the facts and we will produce the results in the form of this book,” he said.

Jayapura City resident, Sony Reda admitted that he was curious about the contents of the book. “I will take the time to read, because honestly I am curious about the contents of each page,” said Sony, who was met at the Papua Governor’s Office.

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