Papua Provincial Government Appreciates Students Accomplishing Lectures on Time – The Papuan Provincial Government appreciates Papuan students who through the scholarship program can accomplish their studies on time.

This was stated by the Head of the local Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), Aryoko AF Rumaropen, he also added that now students have returned to assist the government in creating new business opportunities to advance the economy in Papua.

“We remain committed to developing Papuan Indigenous Human Resources (OAP) in order to build a more advanced future for the Land of Papua,” he said, Tuesday (14/6/2022).

 Aryoko thought, providing scholarship programs to indigenous Papuan children is a form of the governor’s concern to advance human resources in Papua.

“Governor Lukas Enembe paid special attention to Papuan human resources. The governor is very serious about developing Papua through education,” he said.

He explained that this week all payments for study and living costs from January to April 2022 had been completed.

“We also remind all Papuan students receiving scholarships from the Papua Provincial Government who are still actively studying at home and abroad to regularly report learning outcomes,” he said again.

He added about the basis for paying living expenses was in accordance with his study report and immediately completing college so that he or she could return and advance Papua.

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