Papua Provincial Government Appeals for the Public Not Being Provoked by Hoax News – The Papuan Provincial Government through the General Bureau and Protocol of the local Secretariat urges the public not to be provoked by fake news or hoaxes circulating through WhatsApp in Papua. An Acting Head of the General and Protocol Bureau of the Papua Provincial Secretariat, Elpius Hugi, regretted the chain message containing an appeal to be on guard regarding the planned demonstration on Tuesday (20/9).

“It should be noted that the information is not true or a hoax,” said Elpius, quoted by Antara, Tuesday (20/9/2022).

As for the fake news that spreads fear, for him, it is the actions of irresponsible people to pit people in Papua against each other.

“We appeal for the public not to easily believe and be provoked by all these fake news and to work together to maintain peace in Papua,” he said.

Elpius further said that Papuans have a polite culture and respect all existing tribes, especially Earth of Cenderawasih as a land of peace.

It is known, currently an appeal is circulating via WhatsApp messages from a party calling itself the Nusantara Community Movement in Papua which essentially invites the public to prepare themselves regarding the planned demonstration of the Papuan People’s Coalition group.

The police have also stated that the chain message is a hoax and appealed to the public not to believe it and not to be provoked.

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