Papua Provides 250 Quran Mushafs to Pilgrims – The Papua Provincial Government provided 520 holy books of the Koran to 393 pilgrims who had arrived at the Makassar Embarkation Hajj Dormitory. An Assistant for the Economy and People’s Welfare of the Papua Regional Secretariat, Muhammad Musa’ad, said the handover of the Koran was a mandate from the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe as a form of love for the pilgrims of the Province Papuans.

“We received a mandate from the Governor to provide the Koran as a tribute to all the pilgrims and as a form of love and mementos,” he said.

According to Musa’ad, his party also hopes that by providing the Koran, the congregation can practice its contents in their daily lives.

“Where the Koran already contains universal values ​​that can be applied by all people,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of the Papua Province, represented by the Head of Hajj and Islamic Guidance, Musa Narwawan, said he thanked the Papua Provincial Government and the Makassar Debarkation PPIH for providing services to pilgrims from their region.

“We hope that the pilgrims will prosper and become good examples of Muslims in their area of ​​origin,” he said.

A total of 393 pilgrims from the Papua Province who were members of the UPG Group 15 consisting of 389 pilgrims and 4 officers arrived at Sultan Hassanudin International Airport Makassar at 12:55 local time and then left for the Sudiang Hajj Embarkation Dormitory, Makassar on Wednesday (10/10). 8).

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