Papua PON Flats Built, To Be Used for ASN, Santri, and Church Congregations –  The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has allocated a budget of Rp 330.4 billion to build 15 flats (rusun) in Papua Province. The flat was built to support the performance of the National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021 in Papua.

Director of Flats at the Directorate General of Housing at the PUPR Ministry Maryoko Hadi said this was quoted from a press release, Tuesday (1/6/2021). “The total budget for the building of 15 towers is to support the event of PON XX in Papua, which is approximately Rp 330.4 billion,” said Maryoko.

Maryoko continued, the construction of these flats will not only help the implementation of the PON XX 2021 in Papua, but also the beneficiaries to get livable housing in the region. In his opinion, the construction of the flats can run well thanks to the coordination between the Ministry of PUPR, the local government, and the PON Papua Grand Committee (PB) as the organizer.

Maryoko explained that 15 flats are spread over three regencies/cities with 5 towers each, namely Jayapura Regency, Merauke Regency, and Jayapura City. The flats will also be allocated for state civil servants (ASN), TNI/Polri, students, male islamic students/female islamic students, and church congregations after the PON XX 2021 of Papua has been held. Meanwhile, Head of the Papua Provincial Housing Provision Agency (P2P), Faisal Soedarno, revealed that he had dispatched officers from the Housing Provision Work Unit (Satker) of Papua Province to support the construction of the flats.

In its implementation, the committee certainly requires adequate accommodation facilities so that the Ministry of PUPR provides assistance for the temporary use of the flats that have been built. In addition to flats, the PUPR Ministry has also allocated a budget of Rp 21.6 billion to support the improvmenet and quality of building.

 For example, the installation of air conditioners, parking areas, and fences for the comfort and safety of the athletes. To note, the PON XX 2021 of Papua is the main national sporting event to be held in Papua from September to November 2021. The Main Stadium of Papua Bangkit is also the main location for holding this activity, both opening and closing ceremonies.

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