Papua Pegunungan Prioritize the Addition of Telecommunication Networks – The Regional Secretary for Papua Pegunungan, Sumule Tumbo, admitted that his party is prioritizing the addition of telecommunication networks, especially in Wamena which is the provincial capital. His party has scheduled a meeting with Bappenas and Kominfo regarding the addition of telecommunications networks in Wamena.

“The meeting will be held next week in Wamena,” said the Secretary of the Papua Pegunungan Sumule Tumbo, Thursday (8/12/2022).

Sumule admitted that the meeting to be held in Wamena needs to be realized immediately considering that telecommunications is very important to support various activities in the Papua Pegunungan, which was only legalized on November 11. Apart from that Papua Pegunungan also has 12 working instruments whose officials have just submitted their decrees (SK).

It is hoped that the existence of work tools will help the performance of the Governor of Papua Pegunungan in preparing everything. “The 12 officials occupying 12 SKPDs were sworn in on Thursday (8/12) in Wamena,” said Samule.

As many as 12 SKPDs that are already owned by the Papua Pegunungan, namely an Acting Inspector Papua Pegunungan, Yakobus Way, an Acting Assistant I for Public Administration Wasuok Demianus Siep, an Acting Head of the Legal Bureau Alpius Yigibalom, an Acting Head of the Regional Revenue, Finance and Asset Management Agency Drs Rooy John Erasmus Salamony. Then an Acting Head of the Population Administration and Civil Registration Service and Community and Village Empowerment Dr Margaretha Rumbekwan, an Acting Head of the Regional Development Planning, Research and Innovation Agency Wellem Bilangla.

Furthermore, an Acting Head of the Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency Sutrisno Richi Prayitno, an Acting Head of the Education and Culture Office Aron Wanimbo, an Acting Head of Health, Population Control and Family Planning Services Dr. Ronny Jhon Alfred Situmorang, an Acting Head of the Public Bureau Semuel Palimbong, and an Acting Head Public Works and Public Housing Service, Tunggul Wijaya Panggabean.

Papua Pegunungan Province is a division province of Papua inaugurated along with two other provinces, namely Central Papua with Nabire as its capital and South Papua with Merauke as its capital.

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