Papua Pavilion at TMII Revitalized – The Papuan Provincial Government has revitalized the Papuan pavilion in the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) to support the implementation of the G20 Summit.

A Head of the Papua Province Regional Liaison Agency in Jakarta Alexander K.Y Kapisa said the refresh of the Papuan platform at TMII was in line with the renovation of TMII by the Central Government ahead of the G20 Summit.

“This is in line with directions from the President to Regional Heads to renovate their respective regional platforms at TMII,” Kapisa said.

He said that the revitalization process for the Papua platform received extraordinary support from the Governor and the Papua Regional Secretary.

“We received staright attention from the governor and the Papua Regional Secretary to prepare our platform, in order to welcome the visit of the G-20 delegation from September to October,” he explained.

The revitalization process that is currently being conducted includes the first three things: renovation of existing buildings or facilities on the Papua pavilion consisting of several tribal houses in the Papua region.

The second is to arrange the landscape to beautify the Papua pavilion, the third is to rejuvenate the cultural objects in the Papua pavilion.

“These are the three steps that really become our concentration with the challenges of such a short time, but we try to do our best so that the revitalization process can run well and be completed according to the target time, which is by the end of August it can be completed,” said Kapisa.

This improvement effort, he continued, will be accelerated in line with the extensive renovation carried out by the central government in the TMII area.

“Of course we will speed up this so that it is ready before the G20 Summit in October,” he said.

With budgetary support from the Papua Provincial Government in assisting the revitalization process which has not been touched for quite a long time due to budget support constraints.

“But with this momentum, we maximize to organize all the facilities here, both buildings, land and cultural objects,” he said.

He welcomed the G-20 activities in Indonesia, because this activity was a valuable momentum for rejuvenating the Papua pavilion.

“We have prepared several places to sell souvenirs and SMEs space, in the future we hope that SMEs in Jakarta can take advantage of this to sell coffee and Papuan specialties,” he explained.

He hopes for support from all levels of Papuan society, especially those in Jakarta, so that they can support the process of completing the revitalization.

“As we know the area of ​​the Papuan platform is 5000 square meters and is an asset owned by the Papua provincial government,” he said again.

Currently it is managed by the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) under the auspices of the Papua Liaison Agency in Jakarta.

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