Papua Muda Inspiratif to Initiate Corn Planting in the Kebar Valley of West Papua – A green expanse of corn leaves can be seen stretching across the Kebar valley, East Kebar District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua Province. The land in the East Kebar District used to be dead land. But now 44 hectares of corn have been planted. The initiators are young people who are members of the Papua Muda Inspiratif  (PMI).

A Head of Agriculture Division of PMI Tambrauw Regency, Daud Amnan, said that planting corn is for the welfare of the people in Papua, especially in Kebar, West Papua. He thanked the residents for entrusting land management to PMI. “We will manage the land given by the tribal chief. We are ready to back it up, for the welfare of the people in the East Kebar District,” Daud said after inspecting the land at the location, Saturday (20/8/2022).

There are about 200 hectares of vacant land owned by residents who are entrusted to PMI to be managed properly. PMI has succeeded in cooperating with investors to participate in supporting the planting of corn on the land.

PMI, which is under the guidance of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), then cooperated with the company PT Nuansa Lestari Sejahtera to participate in supporting the planting of corn so that management and yields are maximized. In the plan, 30 percent of the 200 hectares of land will be built for supporting infrastructure for corn planting, such as making dams and irrigation canals.

 Meanwhile, the remaining 120 hectares are destined to be planted with corn. For the initial stage, corn planting was carried out on an area of ​​about 44 hectares, on July 1, 2022. With the hope, in October 2022, there will be a harvest period. The harvest period is expected to be witnessed directly by President Joko Widodo.

Daud emphasized that planting corn can directly reduce unemployment in the East Kebar District  and increase the income of residents. This is in line with Presidential Instruction Number 09 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare in Papua and West Papua. This is because the company will employ residents to cultivate corn fields. People who work will be paid a salary. Meanwhile, the corn harvest will be provided with a profit-sharing system with the land owner.

“To make this community prosperous, we might not have been able to get money in the past and so on, now we definitely work here and there is money there, we can buy it,” said Daud. Daud is grateful for the support of all parties in the various programs launched by PMI for the Papuan people. “We must work together to cooperate. The results of this corn harvest are for the welfare of the people,” he said.

Also attending the visit to the corn field was Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence of BIN, I Gde Made Kartikajaya, accompanied by the a Head of the Food Crops and Horticulture and Plantation Offices of the Prov. West Papua, Yacob S. Fonataba, Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health District. Tambrauw, Nurmala Marpaung. As well as representatives of PT NLS, Olan Sebastian, Chairman of the DPRD Kab. Tambrauw Arfius Kasi, Head of District Agriculture Office. Tambrauw, Thomas Kofiaga, PMI District Coordinator. Tambrauw, Yohanes Anjuy, Ulayat Owner, Steven Auri and Head of the East Kebar District, Nikson Rumender.

Meanwhile, Yacob said that the corn planting program initiated by PMI would be a useful program in order to improve the economy for the people in the Kebar Valley. Yacob hopes that this program will advance the community, especially young people in the Kebar Valley, West Papua.

 “We welcome it very positively. We want to support the program implemented by PMI, which is directly fostered by the State Intelligence Agency in Lmbah Kebar,” said Yacob. During this visit, I Gde Made Kartikajaya and his staff were greeted by residents of the East Kebar District with a traditional dance. People seemed enthusiastic in discussing the management of the corn field.

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