Papua Muda Inspiratif [The Inspiring Young Papuans] Collaborate with Government Plans to Plant Corn on Former Oil Palm Land – A Millennial farmers who are members of the Papua Muda Inspiratif [The Inspiring Young Papuan] organization collaborate with the West Papuan government to plant corn on former oil palm land.

The Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, hopes that the corn planting movement carried out by his part together with the Papua Muda Inspiratif can boost the economy and create jobs for the surrounding community.

“If millennial farmers from the Papua Muda Inspiratif and up to 2 million hectares of land in West Papua can be continuously supported and utilized, then the community’s economy will improve and the younger generation will prosper,” said Dominggus in a statement received, Thursday (12/23/2021).

The Papua Muda Inspiratif is under the guidance of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) whose job is to bring new enthusiasm to young Papuan people.

Through this Papua Muda Inspiratif, young Papuan people can implement the potential of their creative ideas.

According to Dominggus, the program supported by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is actually targeting as many as 2,000 millennial farmers.

However, as a first step, he encouraged the Papua Muda Inspiratif as an influencer in the movement.

“The president has launched a millennial farmer program in Indonesia and in West Papua it is targeted that there will be 2,000 millennial farmers who will be run by the Papua Muda Inspiratif and supported by the West Papua Regional Government,” he said.

On the same occasion, the Coordinator of the Papua Muda Inspiratif for the West Papua Region, Simon Tabuni, added that his party would collaborate with the government in a culture program that is full of benefits.

“Inspirational Young Papuans synergize with the Central Government, Regional Government, and various other parties to encourage the younger generation to develop agriculture to improve the welfare of the Papuan people,” said Simon.

In addition, Simon also promised to continue to encourage and invite people to turn into entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

“Inspirational Young Papua is ready to support the Government’s program through Millennial Farmers to encourage entrepreneurship in agriculture,” he said.

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