Papua Makes a Mapping of Omicron Case – The Papua Province Covid-19 Handling and Controlling Task Force will do a mapping related to the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 case. All health facilities at the lowest level, namely Puskesmas, were asked to report the data from the mapping of their respective assisted residents regarding the distribution of omicron.

A spokesman for the Papua Covid-19 Handling and Controlling Task Force, Silwanus Sumule, said his party must also ensure the condition of patients who are self-isolating. This includes the suitability of the residence to be assessed whether or not it must be taken to an integrated isolation location.

According to Sumule, this was done so that hospitals would not be overburdened for during the delta variant, many hospitals were overwhelmed with taking care of patients. “We see the addition of cases such as the spread of Omicron very quickly,” he said.

He explained, until February 4, 2022, the number of Covid-19 cases in Papua reached 618 people. Whereas on January 28, the number had only reached 85 cases. “This then indicates that there is a possibility that local transmission of Omicron in Papua will continue to occur,” he said.

He added, to ensure that the case is an Omicron, it must go through an examination. This variant, he said, was suspected to already exist in Papua, where the initial transmission was suspected to be an imported case. However, the Task Force assesses the local transmission and the pattern of transmission resembles the Omicron case.

It is known, the number of Covid-19 cases in Papua has now spread to 11 regencies/cities with the highest number as per data on February 4, 2022, in Jayapura City, which was 275 cases. Then Mimika Regency with 127 cases, Yapen Islands 87 cases, Biak 35 cases, Merauke 33 cases, Paniai 25 cases, Jayapura 19 cases, Nabire 6 cases, Mappi 5 cases, Jayawijaya and Boven Digoel each 2 cases.

In the last two weeks, the addition of Covid-19 cases nationally has increased significantly. On Monday, the total daily addition of cases stood at 26,121. The most is in DKI Jakarta namely 7,316 cases.

A Head of Disease Prevention and Control Division, DKI Jakarta Health Office, Dwi Oktavia said, with the addition of 7,316 cases, the number of active cases in Jakarta today became 74,535 people. They are still being treated in hospital and some are self-isolating.

On Monday, the DKI Health Office carried out a PCR test of 62,788 specimens. Of these tests, 53,369 people were tested by PCR to diagnose new cases with 12,682 positive and 40,687 negative results. Besdies, 61,349 people were also tested for antigen today, with 7,696 positive results and 53,653 negative results.

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