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Papua Launches a Healthy School

goodmorningpapua.com – Starting today, we invite all citizens to be enthusiastic about campaigning for healthy schools in Papua. The Papuan provincial government on Saturday launched a health schools or madrasahs as a form of a sustainable health school campaign in Indonesia’s easternmost province.

Protasios Lubia, an Acting Head of the Papua Province Education, Library and Archives Office, said when he inaugurated a health school at the Jayapura 5 Junior High School (SMPN), Saturday.

Lubia said that a healthy young generation is an investment in the future of the country, as they will play an important role in continuing national development.

“In the hands of the younger generation, the direction of national development will also be determined, so that the health and nutrition of the younger generation must be prepared from now on,” he said.

Thus, Indonesia’s hope for a demographic bonus, including a productive, creative and competitive generation in 2030, will be realized, he said.

He said, one of the effective media to provide education can be achieved through the School/School Health Unit (UKSM).

He said, “One component of UKSM is health education. Therefore, we urge the entire UKSM team of coaches and implementers in Papua to play an active role in the implementation of UKSM in their schools.”

A Deputy Principal of SMPN 5 Jayapura Cormenta Sinaga welcomed the launch of Healthy Schools.

In addition, SMPN 5 Jayapura has been assessed as a model health school for other schools in Papua. He advised, “We hope that other schools can follow suit, so that the younger generation, especially the younger generation, stay healthy in the future, both physically and spiritually.”

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