Papua Kominfo Free Internet Program Still Running – A Department of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) Papua stated that the free wifi id internet program in a number of public crowded places was still running. A Head of the Papua Communications and Information Service, Jery Yudianto, said that the wifi id program had been installed in the Soa Siu Dok II area, the Regional Library, Kampung Kayu Pulo, and several places of worship.

“We function this through an unused internet line. It means that we want the digital penetration faster,” said Jery in Jayapura, Wednesday (12/8/2021).

In addition to helping the community, he said, the existence of free internet is also intended for students in Jayapura City who are still carrying out online learning. “Instead of [students] having to spend money to buy data credit, it’s better for them to come to these places, then surf the internet and complete tasks,” he said.

Jery ​​did not rule out the possibility that other villages in Jayapura City will also be installed with free internet networks such as in Enggros Village. Kominfo Papua will build wifi id corners in several districts such as Biak, Yapen, Merauke, Mimika, Nabire, Boven Digul, and Sarmi. “Hopefully this goes according to plan and can be used by the public so that digital penetration in Papua will be greater and more beneficial,” he said.

Regarding the budget, Jery stated that his party pays Rp. 1.5 million per month for each location that has a 100 megabyte internet connection. “Essentially, we have to make sure that this program can run continuously and be useful,” he said. A resident of Doc V Bawah, Jayapura City, Mario Gerson, confirmed that there was a free internet network in the lounge area in front of the Papua Kominfo Office. “Yes, it’s true, that’s why the area is always crowded every night,” said the man familiarly called Beko.

Beko hopes that free internet can be installed in more places, or in a special area equipped with a roof that protects from heat and rain. “There must be a comfortable place in the middle of our special city who wants to use the internet for study assignments, so as not to be disturbed by noise,” he concluded.

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