Papua is Important for Indonesia – The Papua and West Papua provinces are important regions for Indonesia. Thus, it is not surprised if the development program continues to be intensively carried out and accelerated. It is attractiveness of one of the most eastern regions of Indonesia that makes Papua an important factor for Indonesia.

ÔÇťOthers pay attention to Papua, for me Papua is important for Indonesia. When other countries glance at it, people start paying attention to Papua,” said Cenderawasih University History Lecturer Ester Yambeyapdi, in a Webinar entitled KMB and the Resolution of Papuan problems, Monday 10 January 2022.

Given its important position, development in Papua continues to be a priority for the government. This was conveyed by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin during a working visit in 2021. The vice president said that the government would continue to pursue superior programs to accelerate welfare development.

There is an Action Plan for Presidential Instruction No. 9/2020 on the Acceleration of Welfare Development in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua to support welfare development. There is also support through the Papua Special Autonomy Fund for the 2022 Fiscal Year in the form of a Scientific Grant of 1.25% from the national DAU and the Additional Infrastructure Fund.

“The President’s instruction is to provide real changes and the results can really be felt, especially for Papuan Indigenous People (OAP),” said the Vice President.

There are 7 focuses of welfare development in Papua and West Papua, namely poverty, improving the quality of education, improving health services, developing basic infrastructure, strengthening small and medium enterprises, increasing employment, and achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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