Papua is Elected to a Host of GCF TF in 2023 – Papua Province was elected to host the Governor Forest and Climate Task Force (GCF TF) in July August 2023. Papua was unanimously chosen to host the 2022 GCF TF annual meeting in Manaus, Brazil, Wednesday 16 March 2022.

This activity is an annual meeting of the Governor Forest and Climate Task Force. It is a meeting forum for 38 governors/heads of state from countries in America, Africa, Europe and Asia to discuss and to implement forest and climate change-related cooperation.

Papua Province is one of the founders of GCF TF along with 9 states/provinces namely Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Para (Brazil), California, Illinois (United States), Aceh and Papua (Indonesia) in 2009 – 2010.

Representatives from the Papua Province who attended the event included Papuan Secretary Muhammad Ridwan Ruikutun, Assistant II of the Papua Regional Secretariat, Muhammad Musaad and the Head of Forestry Planning at the DKLH Papua, Estiko Tri Wiradyo.

A spokesperson for the Governor of Papua, Muhammad Rifai Darus, in his press release to reporters in Jayapura, Thursday (17/3/2022) explained that the meeting was held through a meeting of provincial/state regional leaders, discussing 4 main matters namely Human and community (economy, forestry and tenurial rights), Knowledge, technology and innovation (integration of technology with local knowledge and wisdom), Finance, Investment and Private Sector (support from parties related to the forestry economy and climate) and Government and Public Policy (good governance and the sustainable public policy).

“Meetings are conducted by menas of provincial/state regional leadership meetings, panel discussions on the 4th track mentioned above in addition to local community products,” he said.

At this meeting, delegates from Papua Province brought non-timber forest products (Noken, Honey, Sago, Wood Oil and others) in collaboration with the indigenous peoples with the Papua Provincial Forestry and Environment Service through the Forest Management Unit and the Forestry and Environment Service Branch.

“This product is the result of collaboration between indigenous peoples and the Papua Forestry and Environment Service through the Forest Management Unit and the Forestry and Environment Service Branch,” he said.

At the 2023 meeting, the Government requests for the favor of all Papuans, so that next year’s meeting will be able to provide evidence and be a good host as the proof that Papua is the heart of Indonesia and part of the heart of the world.

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