Papua HDI Rises – Papua Province’s Human Development Index (HDI) rating rose 0.18 points, from 60.44 to 60.62. This rise is a good thing for Papua Province. However, Papua is still ranked the last in Indonesia.

Papua’s HDI is also still at a moderate level with a value of 60.62. This needs to be reconsidered by the Regional and Central Government considering that the human development is one of the things that is a concern in the 2020-2024 RPJMN.

The Human Development consists of three basic dimensions, namely a long and healthy life, knowledge, and a decent life. The three dimensions have their respective indicators. Long and healthy life is measured by the Life Expectancy Rate (AHH) indicator. Dimensions of knowledge from the indicators of Long School Expectation (HLS) and Average Years of Schooling (RLS). Meanwhile, the dimension of a decent standard of living is measured by the indicator of Annual Per capita Income (PPP).

The AHH indicator in Papua Province in 2021 is 65.93 years. This figure is an increase of 0.14 points or 0.21 percent compared to 2020. This figure can be interpreted that the average newborn in Papua Province in 2021 has a chance to survive to 65.93 years. For the knowledge dimension, it is represented by two indicators, HLS and RLS. The HLS in Papua Province in 2021 is 11.11 years.

This figure rose 0.03 points or 0.27 percent from 2020 (11.08 years). The HLS figure can be interpreted that on average the chances of children aged 7 years and over entering the formal education level in 2021 have the opportunity to attend school for 11,11 years or equivalent to third grade high school/equivalent.

The second indicator of the knowledge dimension is RLS. RLS in Papua Province in 2021 is 6.76 years or an increase of 0.07 years from 2020 (6.69 years). This figure shows that the average population in Papua Province aged 25 years and over has completed up to VII SMP/equivalent.

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