Papua Governor’s Instructions, OPD Leaders Intensify to Prevent Hoax – The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe instructed the leaders of the Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) to aggressively prevent hoaxes or lies.

This instruction, said a spokesman for the Governor of Papua Muhammad Rifai Darus, went after the harmonious condition of Papua which is being disturbed by a group of people with certain political motives to undermine the good relations that have existed so far.

Rifai said parties with short-term political motives tried to control information massively by spreading hoax news about the governor and his government.

“As well known, in the last 1 month there have been a lot of fake news (hoaxes), misinformation, and disinformation that have been reported by irresponsible parties,” said Rifai in a release, Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

In this regard, Governor Enembe asked all Papuan government personnel not to remain silent and sit idly by. For example, conveying clearly the results of development in Papua.

“Information is the currency of democracy, for that we must maintain the clarity and cleanliness of information from the dirty fingers of the perpetrators of spreading hoaxes about the Land of Papua,” he said.

Rifai said Governor Enembe believes that the common sense of the Papuan people cannot be fooled by cheap hoax information circulating on the earth of paradise.

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