Papua Football Academy Visits Jayapura – Papua Football Academy is an initiation and one of PT Freeport Indonesia’s social investment commitments to assits in developing Papuan football resources.

Led by a coach Wolfgang Pikal, who is a former assistant coach of the Indonesian national team, the process of searching for talent for Papuan men took place in three places. The PFA kicks off at Wania Stadium, SP1, Timika, 11-12 June.

Of the 163 participants in Timika, 22 players were selected after taking three tests, namely psychology, fingerprints, and health. Continuing to Merauke, the selection was held at the Musamus University football field, last June 18-19.

A total of 177 participants took part in the selection in Merauke with 26 of them passing the football aptitude test. After that, they also have to take psychological tests, fingerprints, and health as a consideration for the trainers.

For the third city, Jayapura was picked which took place at Mahacendra Stadium, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura, Saturday (25/6) at 08.00 WIT and Sunday (26/6) at 14.00 WIT.

The conditions are still the same, namely children born January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 and sitting in seventh grade of junior high school have the opportunity to show their football talent in front of the Papua Football Academy coaching team.

“I am sure that the children in Jayapura are no less good than their friends in Timika and Merauke. I hope they follow this process calmly so that they can bring out the best in their abilities,” said Pikal.

In addition to showing the talent for playing soccer individually, the coaches will also assess aspects of playing tactics, physical condition, personality, mentality, and the ability to absorb the coach’s instructions.

From the three cities, there will be 30 children who are confirmed to go to the Papua Football Academy and live with the coaches in a dormitory in Timika, to attend formal education and practice football.

Not only can they provide support for Papuan children taking part in the selection, the community in Jayapura can take part in the “PFA Photo Competition for Talent” activity.

“The committee prepared prizes for those who were present at the stadium. Please capture the activities during the selection process and post them on their respective Instagram accounts using #PFACARIBAKAT. Don’t forget to write down the caption where the photo was taken,” said Rizky Aidi as a representative of the committee of Papua Football Academy is Searching Talent.

The committee is looking for 10 different winners from 3 PFA Talent Search locations, namely Timika, Merauke, and Jayapura which will be proven through personal data which will later be confirmed by the committee through the account concerned. Each of the 10 winners will receive a prize of IDR 2.5 million.

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