Papua Children Fill with Gratitude for the Increase in the LPDP Scholarship Quota for the Region – A Special staff (stafsus) President, Billy Mambrasar, thanked the Minister of Finance and President Joko Widodo, for the launch of the LPDP Papua Putra Scholarship. This is an affirmation scholarship that makes it easier for participants from Papua to be able to obtain LPDP scholarships, although they still have to go through a series of strict tests.

“My deep gratitude goes to Mrs. Sri Mulyani and Mr. Jokowi, for the scholarships given to us Papuan children, because without this scholarship, it is very difficult for us to be able to compete for this scholarship when we have to compete in general with our brothers from Java, in particular, has more access,” said Billy, Thursday (18/8/2022).

Together with approximately 200 participants from Papua, Jokowi’s Staff for Education and Innovation from Papua shared stories inspiring the young generation from Papua to keep fighting for their dreams. He also invites everyone to always compete in a healthy manner, remain confident, even though access is limited. Meanwhile, since the launch of the Putra Putri Papua scholarship, the number of recipients of LPDP scholarships from Papua has increased rapidly by five times.

In the meeting, approximately 200 participants who were LPDP recipients, both affirmations, East Indonesia Scholarships, or Papuan Putra Putri, Hadie joined offline, namely from the Mezzaine Building of the Ministry of Finance, and Daring, from Papua, other parts of Indonesia and even abroad. .

Billy Mambrasar requested Sri Mulyani about how well the contribution of 16,000 alumni of the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) scholarship, including Billy Mambrasar. Critically and sharply Sri Mulyani gave a response saying that contribution is a long process, in which learning to be better must be a part of it.

Sri Mulyani conveyed the message that humans must continue to learn this also applies to LPDP scholarship alumni who must continue to work harder, increasing their contributions from small to large. Sri Mulyani reflected on her own journey, starting her career from scratch when she returned from studying in the United States working as a teacher, researcher, starting her career from the bottom, to becoming the Minister of Finance.

The Papuan son born in the Yapen archipelago, who has been a Special Staff of the President since 2019, was also praised by the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani for his achievement as a recipient of the first batch of PK 128 Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) scholarships. He successfully obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Bandung Institute of Technology ( ITB), a master’s degree or master’s degree from Said Business School Oxford University and Harvard University, and became the first Papuan son to study at the world’s top campus.

“Billy Mambrasar, his brain is good, and he can show that Papuan children are great and can compete in a healthy manner. Now is the time for Billy and his friends from Papua to help build Indonesia and contribute again,” Sri Mulyani answered when responding to the question from the Papuan Son.

Billy Mambrasar also expressed his admiration for Sri Mulyani with a quote that he remembered from Sri Mulyani, namely “Don’t be tired to love this country”. So that Billy Mambrasar can have various inspirations and aspirations to return to contribute in his hometown after accomplishing his education abroad.

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