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Papua Baribut Creates a Young Papuan Rapper Stage

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papuan Rapper Group, which is part of Papua Baribut, held the Bettle Rap Competition as a promotional event for young rappers and aimed at creating an independent local music industry.

The founder of Papua Baribut, Onesias Chelvox Urbinas, who has the stage name Epo ‘Devenomeno, said that Papua Baribut is a forum for Papuan rappers, more specifically known first as Jayapura Baribut Baribut.

This group, continued Renra, has been running since 2016, although previously there was a movement but with a different name but the same person, namely “Epo D’ Venomeno” as a second generation rapper after the era of the pioneering Papuan Rap Group, namely Stars East.

“Papua Baribut in general is a place for expression or local Hip Hop Rap gigs as well as a promotional stage for young rappers and aims to create an independent local music industry in Papua starting with Hip Hop Music,” he said in Jayapura, Friday (16/9).

 He said, this time the Papua Baribut Format appeared with a more professional packaging concept ranging from promotional designs and competition patterns as well as an expanded four area coverage system starting from Territory 1, North Jayapura District and South Jayapura, Territory 2 Abepura and Heram Districts, Territory 3 Muara District. Tami and Keerom Regency, Territory 4, Jayapura Regency and Sarmi Regency and each Territory are auditioned again then the 2 best Rappers will qualify for the top 8 best as well as enter the Final.

“They will compete for the defending champion title on September 24 at the Stone Lounge Bar, Hotel Relat Jayapura,” he said.

He said Papua Baribut was one of the divisions under the Rum Fararur Production House which was also formed directly by Epo D’Fenomeno and in which there were creative Papuan children who worked as a Production Team that helped work on Papua Baribut.

It is hoped that in the future, Papua Baribu can spread to all districts throughout the Greater Papua Land, from Sorong to Merauke.

“We hope that information about Papua Baribut can be accessed on social media directly on Instagram @papua.baribut.id and YouTube Papua Baribut TV, and can produce rappers who can enter the music industry not only nationally but internationally from Papua,” he said,

The hope in the future, said Epo, they can emerge as new artists and they can sell digital works.

  “We attract them to come with creativity because, some have been on the road and some have not had parents and they are very enthusiastic, they will read, and write and memorize lyrics, and this invites them to think about the importance of school and the importance of literacy,” said Epo, who was a finalist in the National Beef Rap Batlle.

Actually, the local government witnessed it (the rappers), but again they think that rap music only destroys culture. They don’t see the benefits in collaborating with culture and they (the local government) think this is not important so from the beginning until today the provincial and local governments has not been ever involved at all, even though there are many young people who have been nurtured and their talents have started to show,” he said.

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