Papua and Special Regulation for Protecting Women and Children – District/City Governments in Papua Province need to prepare special regulations to protect the rights of women and children from the threat of victims of domestic violence.

“Women and children are regional assets so they need to be protected with certain policies to protect them from various acts of domestic violence,” said former Minister of Women’s Empowerment for Child Protection Prof Yohana Yembise at the first conference on Strategic Papua Analysis in Biak, Friday 29 April.

Yohana stated that the Human Development Index for women and children in the Papua Province is the 34th lowest under West Papua.

Yohana invites regents and mayors as well as other stakeholders to make special district/city government policies to protect women and children from victims of violence.

As a Papuan woman, according to Prof. Yohana, she is very concerned about the lack of protection for indigenous Papuan women and children.

She said, women and children are also the hope of the future so that their rights must be fulfilled by the government.

“Yes, including giving positions in bureaucratic, legislative and judicial organizations on an equal footing with men,” she hoped.

Meanwhile, the Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano said that currently the attention of the relevant regional leaders is needed to make regulations regarding the protection of women and children.

“Protecting the rights of women and children from various acts of violence is our collective duty,” he said.

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