Papua and 2023 UMP Formulation – The Department of Industry and Trade, SMEs and Manpower of the Papua Province are still waiting for the formulation for calculating the 2023 Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) from the Ministry of Manpower.

Plt. The Head of the Industry and Trade, SMEs and Manpower Office of Papua Province, Pendius Wanimbo, admitted that if the formulation for calculating the UMP has been determined, his office will then discuss the recommendations for the 2023 Papua UMP with related parties.

“We follow the formula for calculating the UMP from the central government,” said Pendius to reporters, Tuesday (8/11).

As continued Pendius, last year his party was in the second highest UMP after Jakarta, but this year we don’t know what it will be because the formulation is determined from the center.

“It is planned that the Governor of Papua will announce the amount of the 2023 Papua UMP on November 21. The UMP formulation will of course adjust inflation and GRDP data and others. So we will still have discussions,” he explained.

It is known that the government is currently still formulating the 2023 UMP based on inputs received from various parties. The inputs to formulate the 2023 UMP were received from trade unions, laborers, employers, and related stakeholders.

The National Wage Council itself has reached several agreements regarding the 2023 Minimum Wage, including the determination for the UMP to be made no later than November 21, 2022 and the UMK by November 30, 2022.

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