Papua 2023 APBD Expected to Accommodate Joint Affairs – A Deputy Chairman III of the Papuan DPR, Yulianus Rumbairussy, SSos, MM, said that if his party received information that the material for the Papua Province Parent Regional Budget for the 2022 fiscal year had entered the Papuan DPR.

“I don’t have one myself. However, I got information that it was already there. Yes, we are definitely committed to discussing it as soon as possible, moreover we have enough time to discuss it,” he said.

Rumbairussy hopes that if the material for the 2022 Parent APBD has entered the Papuan DPR, then the discussion of KUA – PPAS can be carried out, then signed, then returned to the executive to make a book.

Regarding the budget from the central government, Yulianus Rumbairussy admitted that it was clear the amount of budget that the Papua Province would receive in 2023, including for the 3 new provinces in Bumi Cenderawasih.

“That’s the budget, we already know everything from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

However, Rumbairussy admitted, if the Papuan DPR had submitted suggestions and solutions related to the realities faced by the Papua Provincial Government, for example, the staffing problem, where salaries, honoraria and allowances could reach more than IDR 1 trillion. Meanwhile, the DAU received by the Papua Provincial Government is only Rp. 800 billion, resulting in a deficit.

For him, the assumption used by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia is that the employees in the Papua Provincial Government have shifted to 3 new provinces, but in fact the employees have not shifted until now.

In addition, continued Rumbairussy, there are still educational problems, especially regarding scholarships for Papuan students at a number of universities, both at home and abroad.

“When the new province officially runs, who will handle them, is it in the parent province? or returned a new province. So, the question is, are you ready? In addition, there are still obstacles in the country, such as the education of specialist doctors, because the Papua BPSDM has recruited quite a number of our children for medical schools who are educated for specialist doctors. If tomorrow is not funded, it will be a pity for them, moreover it is hoped that in 2-3 years they will be able to return to service,” he explained.

Not only that, in the health sector, namely patient referrals from the region, it is only to a referral hospital, namely RSUD Dok II Jayapura. “If a patient comes from Wamena to Jayapura Hospital, will they be rejected? Because there is already a new province. However, Jayapura Regional Hospital is the only referral hospital, which has been financed by the Papua Province. So, if patients from the regions come, how will they be financed?” he said.

Another problem, said Rumbairussy, the current member of the Papuan DPR, is still until 2024, so that activities and recesses to the electoral district (Dapil) are still financed by the Papua Provincial Government. Not to mention, the MRP that must be extended.

“If the MRP is extended, where will the funding come from? So, this is a transitional period so that it becomes a joint matter that must be resolved, then it is divided proportionally, “he said.

“It should be, but the central government never talks to us. They assume this already exists and immediately distribute it like that. Now, this is still our struggle and hopefully in the near future there will be a meeting with the Acting Governor and the Governor of Papua facilitated by the Minister of Home Affairs to talk about this, to jointly find solutions and the best way, “he said.

For this reason, in the discussion of the 2022 Papua Province Parent Regional Budget, Rumbairussy added, the Papuan DPR suggested that it could cover the issues of education, health, the Papuan DPR and the MRP.

“It should be. If not, where will the funds come from? As long as the employees haven’t shifted, can we guarantee that January 1st they will have shifted to a new province? You need a process. Except for the direct intervention center, for example, employee A likes or dislikes having to move to a new province, please if you receive a salary in a new province. For example, the Acting Governor is sworn in, of course he must first form the OPD, then start working. There should be a transition period,” he explained.

What is clear, Rumbairussy hopes that in 2023 there will be no stagnation, because his party is very worried, especially the problems faced today, both in the fields of health, education, salaries and salaries of employees.

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