Panorama of Music Performance at Fakfak – The Acting (Acting) Governor of West Papua, Komjen (P) Drs Paulus Waterpauw was present at the music performance at the festivities for the 122nd Anniversary of Fakfak Regency which was held on Thursday night 17 November 2022. It was seen that the Regent of Fakfak, Untung Tamsil was accompanying the former Head of the Chief of Intelligence and Security of the Indonesian National Police.

There was something interesting about the musical performance, the acting governor who went on stage, not to give a speech, but to give a challenge to the children who were present that night.

“Good evening, greetings to all Basudara Basudara. I didn’t do speech, I just wanted to give gifts to the children,” said the acting governor, starting the conversation.

He then invited the children who were present at the music stage to go on stage and give a challenge. First, a child is challenged to mention the precepts in Pancasila and is successfully executed smoothly by a child.

Then the next challenge, a child is challenged to sing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and amaze the audience. Then, a child recited a prayer to the amazement of the governor. As a result, the governor gave a surprise to the children in the form of gifts.

It didn’t stop there, seeing the enthusiasm of the people who filled the field, the acting governor and Regent of Fakfak Regency sang with the community.

The appearance of the Republik Band Group also invited the pj governor to come on stage to sing a song. The music performance ended around 01.15 WIT and the acting governor had just left the venue.

To entertain the public, the Fakfak Regional Government invited the Republik Band Group, Mita Talahatu and Marvey Kaya

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