Pangansari Empowers 500 Papuan Children and 34 Local Entrepreneurs at PON XX – PT. Pangansari Utama empowered more than 500 Papuan children and 34 local entrepreneurs to support operations and meet the needs of the contingents of  National Sports Week [PON] XX in the Mimika and Jayapura clusters.

A Project Director of PON XX Pangansari Utama, Erwin Sudirman on the sidelines of a night coffee at Sentani said, hundreds of Papuan children who became volunteers were recruited to help smooth things out, starting from the administration and distribution of athletes’ food.

He wants Pangansari in Papua to have an impact on the knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and economy of the local community.

“All this was done by Pangansari Utama because it wanted to share, whether it was sharing experiences in managing the food industry to our brothers and sisters in Papua,” Erwin told reporters.

In addition for empowering Papuan children, Pangansari also collaborates with local entrepreneurs in distributing nourishment during the Papua PON. It was recorded that 26 local entrepreneurs were involved in Jayapura Regency to meet the feeding needs of athletes, officials, committees and volunteers of PON Papua.

Meanwhile in Mimika Regency, Pangansari collaborated with 8 local entrepreneurs. “We are also committed to absorb food raw materials from local communities, such as eggs, fish and other food ingredients,” said Erwin.

Erwin noted that 600 thousand eggs and 20 tons of fish are needed every day in Jayapura Regency for PON Papua. Meanwhile, in Mimika Regency, daily needs reach 700 thousand eggs and 35 tons of fish.

“Most of the food ingredients, such as eggs and fish, we take from local Papuan entrepreneurs. This is Pangansari’s commitment, which wants local entrepreneurs to develop together,” he said.

Erwin ensured that Pangansari comply the standards assigned by the  Grand Committee of  PON XX Papua starting from the amount of protein, nutrition and everything needed to maintain athletes fitness.

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