Owning a Lot of Potential, West Papua Gets Ready to Develop Modern Tourism through Agrotourism

goodmorningpapua.com – A West Papua Governor, Paulus Waterpauw, conveyed his thoughts on the development of modern tourism in West Papua Province through agrotourism.

As stated by him, the development of modern tourism through agro-tourism is important considering the potential of West Papua is quite large.

There are a number of objectives in the modern tourism development plan through agrotourism in West Papua. This was conveyed by the Regional Secretary of West Papua Nataniel D Mandacan, as a representative of Paulus Waterpauw,

Nathaniel said that the development of modern tourism through agrotourism aims to make tourism based on natural charm as a place of recreation.

In addition to recreation, tourism based on natural charm is also used as a place for education and comparative studies for both the public and scientists.

Another goal of modern tourism development through agrotourism is to create jobs. According to Nathaniel, this step is expected to recruit potential young workers in agriculture and tourism.

It is also hoped that the management of agro-tourism sites can be carried out in a professional and sustainable manner.

Thus, it can increase the income of farmers and the surrounding community and increase the country’s foreign exchange.

Through agrotourism, modern tourism development also contributes to preserving the natural environment, natural areas and conservation.

Natanial continued, this action can also prevent pollution of the environment and the cultural integrity of the community around the tourist area. One of the tours that will be developed is sago hamlet (forest) agribusiness.

Tourists will be treated to the excitement of exploring the sago hamlet either on foot or by boat.

They can watch and join traditional local activities, including staying in traditional houses made of sago tree material.

Tourists will also be greeted by the Arfak tribal dance which is a characteristic. It is coupled with the experience of staying at a millipede house, enjoying a serving of arabica coffee, passion fruit and vegetarian food from the Arfak Mountains.

Modern agro-tourism promotion will cover presenting information on tourist destinations on websites with interesting content. Thus, the tourism potential can be seen by the wider community and interest arises to visit. The website will also be equipped with destination information, visit schedules, location maps to transportation.

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