Overseeing OTSUS Scholarships & Development of Papua Resources Abroad

goodmorningpapua.com – The Strategic Papua Analysis (APS) on September 3, 2022 held an online public discussion involving several related parties, including the United States Embassy of Indonesia, the Papuan Provincial Government, the Papuan Congress, the House of Papua, the US-Canada Papuan Student Association (IMAPA), and followed by IMAPA in various countries like Australia, New Zealand etc.

APS itself is a WAG community that gathers observers of Papuan development, in Papua, Nationally and Internationally, consisting of Academics and Researchers, Government (Heads of Regions, Ministries and Presidential Staff & Diplomats as well as Indonesian National Police), NGOs, Religious Leaders, Traditional Leaders, Women Leaders, Youth Leaders (Youth & Student Organizations) and Corporations & Entrepreneurs

The purpose of holding this discussion is (1) to identify a number of study problems experienced by Papuan students abroad, (2) to build a common understanding of the problems experienced by students and find solutions to the problems of Papuan students abroad, (3) the public can know the Otsus Scholarship Program and the achievements that have been achieved and measured according to the data and evaluation results, and (4) the establishment of a joint mechanism in overseeing the management of the Otsus Scholarship to accelerate the development of human resources for indigenous Papuan children.

This discussion was handled directly by the chairman of APS, Laus D. Rumayom. In his introduction, Rumayom said that the development of Papua is very broad. Therefore, the topics discussed focus on elaborating on the issue of escorting Otsus scholarships and developing Papuan human resources abroad from various perspectives.

“We need to explain a problem concerning with to the Papua land development policy within the framework of Otsus, which of course has provided the widest possible access for Papua. In this case, the government has determined the education sector as the main sector for the development of Papuan human resources, which is managed by PSDM. However, in the process of development, there were many obstacles, including in terms of management and finance. This is what appears in the aspirations of students, the community and parents of students. So the question that will also be answered in this discussion is how to oversee the implementation of the Otsus scholarship fund so that it runs better in the future,” explained Rumayom in his foreword.

A number of presenters who appeared in this discussion were Prof. Popy Rufaidah, (an Educational and cultural attache at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, USA), Theo Litaay SH., L.L.M, PhD (a Main Expert of Deputy V of the Indonesian Presidential Staff Office), Dimision Kagoya (a President of IMAPA US-Canada), Aryoko A.F. Rumaropen, S.P. , M.Eng (a Head of BPSDM Papua), Nelius Neli Ayomi (Parents Representative), Nathgan Pahabol (a Commission V DPRP Papua), Edison Tanati (a Chairman of the Papua MRP Affirmation Special Committee), Prof. Drs. Yohanes Surya, MSc., Ph.D (an Education Expert).

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