Organizing a Farmers and Low-Cost Food Market, BI Papua Appeals Residents Not to have Panic Buying – Bank Indonesia Papua Province organized a farmers and low-cost food market to assits the community meet their basic needs for Christmas and New Year.

“This activity is only for a day, we will see the community’s response first, because it has been a long time since we have carried out activities like this. I hope that in the future there will be a low-cost market from other agencies,” said Head of BI Papua, Naek Tigor Sinaga by telephone, Friday, December 10, 2021.

According to Naek, this farmer and low-cost food market was an activity in accordance with inflation control carried out by the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) of Papua Province.

“This is a continuation of the results of yesterday’s inspection, which anticipates price fluctuations usually increasing on religious holidays,” said Naek.

The presence of this low-cost market is expected to provide an alternative for people who need to welcome religious holidays. Naek appealed to the public not to panic by buying necessities in excess.

“I believe that overall we in Papua are relatively under control, although there is an increase but it is still at a reasonable stage. For example, fish is expensive because of storm disturbances and others,” he said.

From the observations of, the price of shallots is still at around Rp. 36 thousand per kilogram, while garlic is lower at a price range of Rp. 29 thousand per kilogram.

Onion trader from Koya, Juita Izabella said the price of shallots and garlic in the market could reach Rp. 35-Rp. 40,000 per kilogram before Christmas and New Year.

“Last week, the price of shallots was around Rp. 36-38 thousand per kilogram and garlic at Rp. 30-32 thousand per kilogram,” said Juita.

Juita admitted that the onions and garlic she sells come from outside Papua, namely Surabaya and Arso, Keerom Regency. Usually the selling commodities are always included in the farmers’ market and cheap food before the holidays every year.

“This farmer and low-cost food market is usually held twice a year, namely before Idul Fitri and Christmas to assits people get basic commodities at prices below market prices,” Juita explained.

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