Optimistic for the Establishment of Southwest Papua Province to Accelerate Development in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri), Tito Karnavian, said the government was very optimistic that the establishment of the Province of Southwest Papua would accelerate development in Papua.

This belief is similar to the previous establishment of three New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua, namely South Papua Province, Central Papua Province, and Papua Mountains Province.

According to him, the formation of the new autonomous regions is to improve the welfare of the Papuan people and cut the bureaucracy so that public services are more efficient.

“And definitely let’s not forget about affirmative action (or) affirmative action for indigenous Papuans,” said Tito Karnavian, Tuesday (13/9/2022).

Previously, Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian, on behalf of the government, approved the Draft Law (RUU) on the Establishment of the Province of Southwest Papua to be discussed further in the plenary session of the DPR.

This was conveyed at the Level I Working Meeting between Commission II of the DPR RI with the Chair of Committee I DPD RI, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas, the Menkumham and the Head of the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) in the DPR RI Commission II Meeting Room, Monday (12/12). /9/2022). The meeting discussed the Bill on the Establishment of the Province of Southwest Papua.

“Regarding this Bill on the Establishment of the Province of Southwest Papua, the government once again agrees in principle to proceed to the next stage or level II decision-making,” said Tito Karnavian.

Tito explained that the Working Committee (Panja) meeting on August 30, 2022, which was followed by a meeting of the Formulating Team (Timus) and the Synchronization Team (Timsin) on August 31, 2022, both Commission II of the DPR RI, Committee I DPD RI, and the government had agreed on 154 Lists. Problem Inventory (DIM) of the bill. Therefore, the government expresses its high appreciation and honor to the leaders and members of Commission II of the DPR RI as well as other parties involved in the preparation of the draft.

“With extraordinary commitment, through effective discussions, but still democratic and dynamic, so that we can complete according to the schedule of stages, and today we will carry out level I decision making,” explained Tito Karnavian.

On that occasion, Tito also expressed the aspiration of Fakfak Regency and Kaimana Regency who wanted to become part of Southwest Papua. However, after listening to the Panja report and the views of the mini-factions including those from committee I of the DPD RI, the government shares the same view on the main issues regarding the formation of the Province of Southwest Papua.

Based on the report, Southwest Papua Province includes Sorong City, Sorong Regency, South Sorong Regency, Raja Ampat Regency, Maybrat Regency, and Tambrauw Regency. The city of Sorong is used as the provincial capital.

“We deliberately convey this on this occasion so that these aspirations do not pass away, but we already have an obligation to convey them to all of you as people’s representatives and at the same time legislators,” explained Tito Karnavian.

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