Openness of Public Information to Embody a Peaceful and Just Papua

Openness of Public Information to Embody a Peaceful and Just Papua – On National Information Openness Day (HKIN) which is commemorated each 30 April, the Information Commission of Papua Province on April 30, 2021, commemorates this by holding an interactive dialogue at RRI Jayapura and TVRI Papua issuing the theme of Public Information Openness to Create a Peaceful and Just Papua.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Information Commission of Papuan Province Andriani Wally, through a Press Release said that at this year’s HKIN commemoration, it is hoped that it can strengthen the government’s commitment as a public body in realizing transparency and openness of accountability. So that in providing information services, it can be fast, precise and simple.

Besides, at the 2021 HKIN commemoration, said Andriani, the Information Commission of Papuan Province also hopes that the government as a public agency providing information will be more committed for providing qualitative public information.

“The Information Commission of Papuan Province is determined to guard more informative governance. “It also encourages the public to use their constitutional rights guaranteed by the 1945 Constitution Article 28 f and Law Number 14 of 2008 on Openness of Public Information in obtaining qualitative information,” he explained.

Andriani also said that the disclosure of information is very important to build public trust of the government. This is because one of the public’s distrust of the government is the difficulty in accessing information, and the information accessed is partial or incomplete.

“Public bodies as information providers must arrange information in accordance with the mandate of the Law on Public Information Disclosure, so that our people in Papua will find it easily to access information that is organized responsibly by public agencies,” explained Andriani.

Because according to Andriani, if people receive good and accurate quality of information, people in Papua to feel an equal justice in all sectors of development.

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