Opening Access to Remote Communities in Papua – Development of Infrastructure has a real impact on the access and quality of life of the community. This is very influential, especially in remote areas such as the Papuan mountains which have geographical challenges.

It takes extra effort that is not experienced by other regional development. Building land transportation infrastructure is a very heavy work and requires a very large cost. The construction of a pioneering airfield is an option to open access, like the case in Kampung Aroanop, Mimika Regency, Papua.

“The community is greatly assisted by the pioneering airfield, because the previous community had difficulty accessing basic needs such as health, food and so on,” Deteminus said. People in the village area have always been walking through the mountains, cliffs and rivers for 2 days for taking the nearest village to the city of Timika.

Some community infrastructure projects have been built by PTFI as a form of contribution to development in Mimika Regency, Papua. Community infrastructure projects originating from the company’s contribution aimed at improving the quality of life of the community around the company. This project is conducted in the highlands and lowlands around the company’s operating areas to support economic, health and education activities for the surrounding community.

A Director & EVP Community Affairs of PTFI, Claus Wamafma explained that the construction of a pioneering airfield in Aroanop Village was an inseparable part of the three village programs which was carried out since 2000. PTFI had previously built a airport in Tsinga Village, Tembagapura District which was operated in 2011. “Since the start of the three village programs in the highlands in 2000, PTFI has invested more than US $ 100 million. Through this project, PTFI provides funds, equipment, materials, transportation and labor to build an infrastructure network that includes more than 300 houses, 3 schools, 10 teacher homes, 3 clinics, 3 traditional markets, 13 churches, 21 bridges, up to 2 fields Fly pioneering, “said Claus.

Investment in infrastructure community has benefited around 7,500 Amungme people living in remote highlands in Mimika Regency, Papua. In 2021, PTFI invested around US $ 2.5 million to implement the three village programs.

PTFI continues to coordinate with local governments and community leaders in an effort to provide added value to the surrounding community and stakeholders through economic, educational, health and socio -cultural contributions that are in harmony and support the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Objectives (SDGs).

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