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Ondofolo Sentani, a Papuan Leader Saying Gratitude for Otsus of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Ondofolo Sentani, who is also a Papuan community leader, Yanto Khomlay Eluay, thanked the central government for listening to the aspirations of the Papuan people in fighting for the continuation of special autonomy in Papua, Monday/9/8/2021.

“I say thank you and I and the Papuan people feel successful because all this time we have been fighting for Otsus until it has been heard by the central government. So that Otsus is approved and continued. This is a special concern of the central government to the Papuan people,” said Yanto Eluay.

He continued, It is also necessary for us as indigenous children to hold a thanksgiving ceremony for the central government’s attention to the Papuan people in ratifying the extension of the Special Autonomy Law in Papua Province.

“I have also rebuked the Regional Government which have carried out their own thanksgiving for the continuation of Otsus for Papua within the Scope of Government. It should be customary children, community leaders who are doing the thanksgiving.” he said.

Regarding to the enactment of Law No. 22 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy (OTSUS) for Papua Province which is a revision of Law 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua, we as the community, especially traditional leaders, see that the Law made by Government is comunal.

We see that this is a blessing for the people of Papua, in this law number 22 has accommodated several articles, especially regarding the involvement or empowerment of indigenous peoples in the special legislative bodies of districts and cities. One of the articles that we see is quite good in the Special Autonomy Law volume II where our aspiration is to encourage that in accommodating this Special Autonomy Law it is handled directly by one of the agencies or institutions at the ministerial level and has been answered.

That the indigenous Papuan people really get attention so that this Special Autonomy Volume II is intended for the Papuan people and it goes down directly through this institution and goes down directly to the traditional heads in Papua – there are more than 500 tribes in Papua – so that we hope that this fund through a special agency that is accommodated in this body can go directly to the villages through the chairman or traditional heads.

Thus, we strongly support the continuation of Papua’s special autonomy with the hope that we are ready to cooperate with the government in the implementation of the continuation of Papua’s special autonomy.

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