Ondoafi Cornelis Doyapo: Lukas Enembe is not a Chief of the Papuan Great Tribe

goodmorningpapua.com – Ondoafi (traditional chief) from Abar Sentani Village, Jayapura, Cornelis Doyapo asked the community not to regard Lukas Enembe as a tribe chief. He has merely a public position as the Governor of Papua.

Cornelis said that all regions in Papua have their own tribes and its chiefs. “Lukas Enembe is only known as a governor, not a chief of a great Papuan tribe,” Cornelis told reporters on Monday (10/9).

“Papuans want peace and not be bothered by any problems, especially politics. Therefore, his party does not want the legal problems that ensnared Lukas Enembe to be turned into politics by trying to make Lukas Enembe the chief of the Papuan Tribe, that is not true,” he added.

Corneli asked the public not to be influenced and not to be provoked by the development of the Lukas Enembe case. “Lukas Enembe as a leader should be in front and dare to sacrifice for the community, not hiding behind his people,” said Cornelis.

Previously, the KPK regretted the absence of Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe. Lukas Enembe should have been examined as a suspect on Monday (26/9).

The lawyers team of Lukas Enembe came to the KPK to report that the number one person in Papua Province could not attend, by reasioning illness.

“Today, Monday, September 26, 2022, the KPK was supposed to conduct an examination of the Papuan Governor’s brother LE, but until now he has not fulfilled the summons,” said the Head of the KPK News Section, Ali Fikri, to reporters. “We certainly regret the attitude of LE’s brother who chose not to fulfill the summons of the KPK investigation team,” he continued.

Lukas Enembe’s attorney has submitted the plan of absence due to the health condition of his client. However, the KPK has not received correct information from the doctors or medical personnel who explained Lukas Enembe’s condition.

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