OJK Boosts Financial Literacy and Inclusion in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) said it had held 18 education sessions related to the literacy and inclusion survey of financial services in Papua throughout 2022.

A Head of the Sub-Division of Consumer Education and Protection (EPK) of the Papua and West Papua OJK Office, Mochammad Akbar, said that currently the people of Papua know which products can harm customers. They have also carried out this three times. “And we and a team from the OJK vendor are in the survey process,” he said Sunday (21/8/2022).

His party has conducted education in Jayapura and Merauke. “The end of August has begun to be completed, so that in the fourth quarter the results will be like what,” he said.

He said that now in terms of consumer products, they are also online in the Consumer Protection Portal Application (APPK) system, so that many people have direct access to the page. He also hopes that in Papua financial literacy and inclusion will improve in Papua.

He said, despite the obstacles, OJK gets optimistic that the public will understand better and continue to hold socialization and education on financial literacy and inclusion.

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