NU Collaborates with FKUB to Hold a Preaching about Nationality with Gus Muwafiq in Keerom, Papua – Thousands of Muslims flooded the Tablig Akbar titled Ngaji Kebangsaan [Preaching about Nationality) in the courtyard of the Al-Amin Mosque, Asyaman Swakarsa Village, Arso District, Keerom Regency, Papua, Sunday 19 June 2022.

The Ngaji Kebangsaan was initiated by the Keerom Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) with the Keerom Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU) Branch Administration and all Autonomous and Lajnah Bodies.

The purpose of this Ngaji Kebangsaan is to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation in the district as a border area, as well as to strengthen the ties of friendship between Muslims as well as between religious communities.

Apart from being attended by Assistant 1 of the Keerom Regional Secretariat, Lukas Saranga, the Ngaji Kebangsaan was also attended by the Chairman of the Keerom Regency DPRD, Bambang mujiono, SE, along with several members of the DPRD, Chairman of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) KH. Nursalim Arrozy, S. HI, Wakapolres Keerom Kompol Muhamad Nur Bakti, S.H, M.H, a Chairman of MUI Kyai Mahfudh Mudlor, a Chairman of PCNU Keerom Kyai Moh. Dimyathi, M.Pd.

Not only that, it is also attended by a Secretary of IKA PMII Ahmad Muhajir, SE, M.Si, Danramil 1701-04/ Arso Mayor Inf Suprapto, a Chair of the GKI Class and the Keerom Churches Fellowship (PGK) Pastor Frans Mambrasar, S.Th, M.Si, and a Head of Pendais, Ministry of Religion, Keerom Regency, Kamal Aswath, S.Ag, M.Si.

Likewise, a Head of the NU Muslimat Branch, Mirfaqoini, the Head of Asyaman Village Mustaga, S.Ag, the Kyai, the Ustadz, the leaders of religious institutions, community leaders and groups of ta’lim assemblies throughout Keerom Regency and Muslims with a total of reached 4 thousand worshipers participated too.

Gus Muwafiq in his oration said that this human race came from one ancestor, namely Adam and Eve. As for the difference, it is sunnatullah or Allah’s provisions, then one must love one another.

“Harmony among the nation’s children must be maintained and preserved,” said the eccentric, long-haired Kyai.

Ending his speech, the former Assistant Gu Dur paid respects to the Chairman of the Communion of Churches of Keerom to convey a message to the congregation in attendance.

The head of the Keerom FKUB, KH. Nursalim Arrozy who is also the a Chairman of the Ngaji Kebangsaan Committee hopes that Gus Muwafiq’s presence with a soothing enlightenment will be a spirit of inter-religious harmony.

On that occasion, Nursalim also expressed his gratitude to all the people and invitees who had attended the activity. Because, as stated by him, the success of this activity is a collaboration between Nahdlatul Ulama, Banom, Lajnah, FKUB and the Keerom Regional Government.

Meanwhile, Assistant 1 of the Keerom Regional Secretariat, Lukas Saranga, S.Sos in his speech representing the Regent expressed his appreciation to the committee who had successfully held the National Ngaji celebration. He also apologized for the absence of the Regent because he was out of the region.

“The Regent conveyed his welcome to Gus Muwafiq in Tamne Yisan Kefase Country, also provided his appreciation to the committee who had successfully held the national Ngaji celebration,” he said.

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