Nowela Releases Her Single “Runnin”, Its Video Clip will Present Four Papuan Heroes – Nowela Mikhelia, a musician, or known as Nowela is back with a new single entitled “Runnin”.

“Runnin” is Nowela’s debut song in 2022. Here she collaborates with Epo D’fenomeno, a rapper who is also from Papua.

This song has music that is able to invite listeners to be more enthusiastic with a stomping beat and hypnotizing guitar strum.

“Runnin” itself has actually been written by Nowela with Belanegara Abe, Abraham Edo, and Gloria Jessica since 2019. However, it was only this year that it was finally completed.

The story of this song is taken from Nowela’s life experience, which despite obstacles, she decided to keep running after what she wanted.

“I am at the my current position because I have decided to keep running without having to focus on all the stigma and bad thoughts both inside and outside of me,” Nowela said in her official broadcast on Tuesday.

This single is also a continuation of the spirit of PON Papua which took place some time ago. The fighting spirit of the athletes and how Papua managed to prepare the grand event in an extraordinary way became the inspiration for Nowela to release this song.

“I also hope that this song can be an encouragement for my younger siblings in Papua and anyone who is experiencing limitations as well as hindrances, so that they can continue to be enthusiastic about pursuing their dreams. You can do it!” Nowela said.

In the process, Nowela was assisted by Hery Alesis as Vocal Editor, Ano Stevano in the Mixing process, Dimas Pradipta in the Mastering process.

In addition, all instruments in this song are fully composed by Abraham Edo and Belanegara Abe, and Gloria Jessica also helps as a vocal director for Nowela.

Epo D’fenomeno also enlivened this song with his straightforward rap but remaining to do synergy with what Nowela wanted to convey. This collaboration was formed since Nowela knew the figure of Epo D’fenomeno, and the invitation to collaborate was accepted by Epo even though at the time of its production, it had to be apart, Papua and Jakarta.

No less special than the song, the music video for “Runnin” was prepared by Nowela specifically by presenting four Papuan heroes, namely Billy Mambrasar (special staff to the President), Vanda Krisano (the first Papuan female pilot on Garuda Indonesia), Serafi Unani (five times for national running champion) and Douglas Koirewoa (dancer, actor and choreographer).

“I show the story of these four people in a video with a simple concept and illustrates how the four great people fought for,” said Nowela.

“Runnin” is now available on all digital music streams and the music video has been released on Nowela Mikhelia’s official YouTube account.

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