November 2021, PLN of Manokwari Achieves the Zero Bad Debt – Massive socialization continues to be carried out by PLN ULP Manokwari officers at every chance to read Kwh meters at customers’ homes through the PLN Mobile application.

A manager of PLN UP3 Manokwari, Roberth Rumsaur explained PLN’s efforts to reduce arrears to increase PLN’s liquidity in maintaining a sustainable electricity supply.

The consistent achievement and commitement of UP3 Manokwari needs to be accompanied by a solid and compact team.

Starting from July 1, 2021, the trend of customers who have paid for electricity on time is getting better, of course not because of one’s ability, but the success of the super team of UP3 Manokwari.

“Thank you for customers who have made electricity payments a priority every month on time,” he said, Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

Of course, the community’s commitment to pay on time is also rewarded with improved service to customers.

“We will never ignore in the event of a disturbance and continue to take precautions and ensure electricity supply,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Manager of Marketing and Customer Service of PLN UP3 Manokwari, Bagya Pratama asked customers to download PLN Mobile, as one of the virtual PLN service products.

According to Bagya, various features to facilitate various PLN services are available in PLN Mobile.

“We continue to condcut social activities related to the use of PLN Mobile. With this application, it is easier for customers to get PLN services without the need to come to the PLN office, because customers are busy,” he explained.

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