Norbertha Tajum, Beating the Fear to Achieve Myriad Achievements in the Boxing Ring – Norbertha Tajum is one of the Papuan female boxers who has many achievements in the ring. Yet unexpectedly, she used to be a craven.

Bertha, as she is familiarly called, is a boxer born in Merauke, November 29, 1993. She started her adventure in the boxing ring since 2006. At that time, she appeared for the first time at the national championship in Bitung, North Sulawesi. Even though it was her first appearance, Bertha immediately won third place in the junior category.

Her achievements continued at the national championship in Tuk-tuk Samosir, North Sulawesi in 2007. In that event she won two titles at once, 1st place in the junior category and the favourite female boxer.

After that, she again got achievements in the PPLP championship in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara in 2008. In that event she again won 1st place and the title of favorite female boxer. Remain of in the same year, Bertha also won 1st place in the Pangdam Cup in Fakfak.

A number of achievements that she also managed to make, including the winner of 3 Golden Gloves (STE) Makassar in 2009, 1st place and women’s favorite boxer in the Yerisetouw Cup Jayapura, 1st place in the Mandiri Cup in Biak and getting the  favorite female boxer in the senior category, 1st place in the senior National Championship. in Aceh in 2010, Pelatnas SEA Games Myanmar in 2011, won 3rd place in the International President Cup in 2011 in Jakarta, 1st place in Vice President Cup 1 in Cibubur in 2012, and again won the title of boxer of senior women’s hopes.

From ring to ring, Bertha steadily raise her name by making achievements again. At PON XVIII 2012 in Riau, Bertha presented a gold medal. 1st place and best female boxer at the Sarmi Championship 2014, 1st place in the senior Vice President Cup category in South Sumatra – Babel, ranked 8th female boxer in the world championships of Jeju, South Korea in 2014, and joined the National Pelatnas until 2015.

Not only that, Bertha again collected her championship title by winning 1st place and favorite female boxer in the senior category at the Golden Gloves event in Medan in 2015, 1st place and the senior favourite female boxer of Yerisetouw Cup, in Jayapura in 2016, silver medal at PON XIX West Java in 2016, and 1st place in the 2018 Timika Championships.

Behind the myriad of achievements that he has achieved, there is an interesting story that encourages Bertha’s passions to become a boxer. Turns out, he used to be a fearer.

Unfortunately, Bertha was a little disappointed because she was not included in the elite athlete category of PON XX in this time. Whereas, she has shown himself with various achievements. However, Bertha remains optimistic that she will be able to present a medal for the Land of Papua at the PON XX that will hold in her own homeland.

 “I promise, together with Pertina, we will try to restore the glory of Papuan boxing for the sake of Papuan pride. Boxing can be great if we unite. We must unite to work together and restore the glory of Papuan boxing. PON must be successful and Papua must be the general champion,” said Pagawak.

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