Noken for 4.0 Era – Every December 4 is always celebrated as Noken Day. On December 4, 2012, Noken was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in Paris. At PON XX 2021 Papua, Noken became the most sought-after souvenirs by athletes, officials, and PON tourists. Noken got easy to find along the road in front of the Lukas Enembe Stadium or other venues.

These Nokens are sold by Papuan mothers in simple stalls or sold by opening an overlay on the sidewalk. Noken is sold at various prices, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

After PON XX Papua, the way of selling of Papuan women remains the same, selling on the side of the road with simple stalls, Noken just hanging up.

It’s been eight years, Noken is recognized as a UNESCO heritage, it’s time for Papuan Noken to enter the 4.0 era or cyber physical system. In this era, Noken does not need to be sold on the simple overlay on the roadside. Instead, Noken can be promoted by means of digital platforms or e-commerce so that the marketing process is more massive.

Apart from the digital promotions, it is also time for sales transactions to switch to digital payments. Digital payments provide convenience and security for users in conducting transactions. Payments can be carried out through e-banking facilities. Until now, e-commerce provides a shopping experience that is easier to use and more convenient than other methods.

Learning from Papua New Guinea, a traditional bag similar to a Noken over there is called a Bilum. Bilum in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has gone international, becoming an export commodity to South Pacific countries. This is because supported by the PNG government, with training for craftsmen, promotion and collaboration with world-class designers. It is what makes Bilum PNG classy.

Selling Noken in a simple stall on the side of the road or on the sidewalk is very risky. For this reason, in the 4.0 era, Noken marketing can involve the millennial generation of Papuans who are internet literate.

The millennial generation and Papuan influencers need to provide assistance to mothers who sell Noken. In addition, e-commerce platform owners need to provide opportunities and support for digital Noken sales. SOEs can also provide support through CSR, by providing digital space and facilities for Papuan mothers.

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