New Library and Book Infrastructure in Papua – The building of the Jayapura Regency Regional Library Service Building has begun. This was marked by groundbreaking by the Regional Secretary of Jayapura, Hana S. Hikoyabi, Tuesday 26 July 2022.

Hana Hikoyabi explained that the construction of the Jayapura Regional Library building used the Special Allocation Fund or DAK from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia amounting to more than Rp. 9 billion.

“The construction of this regional library building uses funds of IDR 9 billion more than the DAK. We hope that 180 days according to the time given must be completed,” said Hana Hikoyabi after laying the first stone.

He hopes that the funding support from the Central Government can be used properly, so that the regional library facilities can be immediately used by the general public in Jayapura Regency.

“This facility is to educate our children, by reading we don’t miss information and knowledge, therefore all heads of devices must provide support,” he said.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Jayapura Regency Library and Archives Service, Alfius Demena said, the construction of the Jayapura Regional Library Building is a manifestation of the concern of the Central Government.

“So far we have a library but it is not feasible and this building will be equipped with a study room. We are grateful for this assistance,” said Alfius.

Alfius added that the construction of the Jayapura Regional Library Facilities will also be continued with buildings devoted to regional archives.

“With this groundbreaking, we believe that the construction will be accomplished this year and in the future we will use it to fully support the improvement of education in Jayapura,” he hoped.

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