Never be Afraid of the Press in Papua – A Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano and a Jayapura Deputy Mayor Rustan Saru held an iftar with reporters on Wednesday evening 27 April 2022 at a hotel in Kotaraja, Jayapura City.

During the meeting, Benhur thanked journalists in Jayapura City who had spread the good news and development that had occurred in Jayapura City, especially when he was in charge of 2 terms.

“Journalists are government partners. I always instill in the OPD continue to establish partnerships with the press. Don’t be afraid of the press. I became famous and great because of the support of the press,” he explained, to applause from journalists.

Benhur believes that journalists in Jayapura City will always report on the results of developments echoed by the government. For him, the press is also an independent institution that oversees the running of the government.

“I have been close to the press since I was the sub-district head in Lereh, the sub-district head in Nimbokran, the sub-district head in Abe and the mayor. I am not anti-critic. Instead, criticism has become strength and correction for me to correct the mistakes I made,” he said.

In line with that, the Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Rustan Saru. He agreed that the presence of the press is very important as a link of information between the government and the public at large.

“The government must cooperate with the press in conveying information to the public. Through the press, the public will know what government work is made for the community,” he said.

He considered the development of the press in Jayapura City to be quite fast and quite touching all circles.

“I respect and proud of the press in Jayapura City which is already solid and quite developed,” he said.

However, in the future, it is necessary to understand the balance aspect of reporting together. “So don’t let the news come out without confirmation from both parties. But it is better if two or three parties involved are confirmed, so that the news released is truly balanced,” he said.

He hoped that the press in Jayapura City would not deliver any biased news. Even it can lead to conflict, both with the authorities and with the community.

A representative of journalists in Jayapura City who is also the head of online media Wartaplus, Robert Subiyat, expressed his gratitude for the invitation to joint iftar.

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