Natural Wealth and Cultural Diversity to be a Capital for Economic Awakening of Papua – The natural wealth and cultural diversity are believed to be the capital for the economic awakening of the Papuan people. Through the literacy presented in Jayapura Regency, the recovery of the tourism sector and the creative economy (parekraf) is able to be an answer to the expectations of the Papuan people.

This optimism was conveyed by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) of the Republic of Indonesia Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno while visiting the  Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi, Jayapura Regency, Papua on Tuesday (21/9/2021).

On this occasion, Sandiaga, accompanied by his wife, Nur Asia, expressed his appreciation for the the Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi selected to be in the 50 best tourism villages in Indonesia. The village, located above Lake Sentani, is considered capable of presenting a unique experience for anyone who visits there.

This experience was also strengthened by the active participation of the community, especially mothers who took the initiative to build a Literacy Park in the Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi. “We saw several attractions, there was a sago festival and a Nutrition Garden. I was also very moved when I saw Mamah Hani with her Literacy Garden,” said Sandiaga Uno. “So this is local wisdom, there are educational tours as well as nature tours, and we also learn cultural tourism,” he added.

Through the right promotional strategy, he continued, Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi and a number of other tourist villages in Papua Province could be better known. In line with Mamah Hani’s expectations, Sandiaga Uno believes that these tourism villages can become the main destinations for tourists, especially Indonesian tourists.

The same thing was conveyed by the Regent of Jayapura Regency, Mathius Awoitauw. He said that the Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi is the only village in Papua Province that encourages Sago Hamlet Tourism and Unique Village Tourism on the lake. “All any activity that takes place on the lake, starting from worship, school and others,” said Mathius.

The election of the Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi as the top 50 best tourist villages in Indonesia, he said, was very proud of the community.

Because with extraordinary limitations, the Tourism Village of Kampung Yoboi was selected in the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI) event. “This is a challenge for all of us that limitations are not everything, but young people can create superior creativity in their own way, ‘ said Mathius.

For him, this is probably the best way to develop Papua, which is not from the city, but from the village. Therefore Mathius called on all Papuan children to return to their traditional villages. In order to realize the hopes of all Papuans, Mathius also hopes that Sandiaga Uno can declare Sentani Lake as an icon of Eastern Indonesia. Lake Sentani is also expected to be built like Lake Toba in western Indonesia.

“If in the western Indonesia there is Lake Toba which is an icon of Indonesia, we hope Lake Sentani can become an icon of Indonesia in the eastern part of the archipelago,” he said.

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