National Hero from Papua, Enshrined in Currency and Name of Warship – A national hero from Papua is one of the promoters of the struggle for independence in Cenderawasih earth. They risked their lives and shed blood to drive the invaders out. Their services need to be remembered and enshrined as national heroes. They played a role until Indonesia became an independent and sovereign country.

Silas Papare is one of the heroes of the independence movement from Papua. He was born in the Yapen Islands Waropen, December 18, 1918. Silas Papare is a persistent and unyielding person to expel allies from Papua. He was also a motivator for Papuan youth and influenced the Papuan Battalion to revolt against the allies and eradicate Dutch colonialism that had grown in Papua.

 Papare was later arrested and thrown into prison. He was delegated by President Soekarno to be one of the Indonesian delegates in the New York Agreement signed on August 15, 1962 to end Indonesia’s confrontation with the Netherlands in the West Irian dispute. . Silas Papare was later appointed a national hero by decree No. 077/TK/1993 and was officially awarded the title of national hero on September 14, 1993.

One of the national heroes from Papua, namely Frans Kaisiepo. The image of his face was plastered on the IDR 10,000 denomination. Kaisiepo was born in Biak on October 10, 1921 and is a young activist for the independence movement of the Republic of Indonesia in the Papua region. Towards the three days of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Frans Kaisiepo invited local youths to sing the anthem Indonesia Raya in Harapan Jayapura Village on August 14, 1945.

Then, on August 31, 1945, Kaisiepo raised the Red and White flag for the first time and carried out a flag ceremony to the accompaniment of the anthem Indonesia Raya. Frans Kaisiepo also served as Governor of Papua in 1964-1973.

Frans Kaisiepo died on April 10, 1979 at the age of 57 and was buried in the Cenderawasih Heroes Cemetery, Jayapura City. To commemorate his services, the name Frans Kaisiepo was enshrined as the name of the airport in Biak and used as one of the names of the Republic of Indonesia Warship (KRI), namely KRI Frans Kaisiepo.

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