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Nason Tigauw, Son of Farmer Intan Jaya Who Left the Village for the ADEM Program

goodmorningpapua.com – The figure of Nason Tigauw, a child from Yoparu Village, Sugapa District, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua take the attention of his friends. This farmer’s son also passed the Secondary Education Affirmation (ADEM) program.

Not alone, Nason will be dispatched through the ADEM Program which is held by the Papuan government every year with hundreds of other children. A total of 350 students were dispatched to the islands of Java and Bali for this year.

Anxiety had enveloped Nason Tigauw’s figure, especially since he admitted that it was the first time, he had left his village. Unmitigated, once leaving his hometown, Nason instead went to Java.

According to Nason, through the ADEM Program, he can ease the burden on parents who rely on agricultural products for a living in Sugapa District, Yoparu Village, Intan Jaya Regency. Nason was proud to be able to go to continue his education outside Papua. “I am proud and happy to be able to pass this Affirmation program,” said Nason, who will be departing to East Java Province.

A Head of the Papua Regional Library and Archives Education Office (DPPAD), Christian Sohilait, said that the sending of Papuan students is the second year of the ADEM program being implemented.

Christian said that her party had held a technical meeting to see the health protocol system in the study destination city of the ADEM program. DPPAD has also created a special team to monitor ADEM students while studying outside Papua.

He ordered the students to apply health protocols by washing their hands, wearing masks and keeping the distance.

Meanwhile, A Head of Sub-Coordinator of Student Functions at the Directorate of Community Education and Special Education (PMPK) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendibud Ristek), Rahmat Rahmawan said that this program is an acceleration program, the quality of education, especially for Papua and West Papua.

According to Rahmat, there have been a lot of ADEM graduates who have gone on to higher education. He has also created profiles of ADEM students who graduated in a place where they worked.

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