Nadiya’s Story, a Elementary School Student in Merauke Escaped from Kidnapping – Nadiya, a grade VI Elementary School student in Merauke, Papua escaped from kidnapping by an unknown person (OTK) when she returned from school, on Thursday 13 January 2022.

Nadiya also recounted the moments when she escaped from kidnapping to her parents, Muhammad Syarif. At that time she who had just come home from school about to cross the road to the kiosk. Suddenly Nadiya was approached by three adult men who offered to take her home.

Nadiya admitted that she was lured by Rp. 200,000 and a number of candies. Even the perpetrators said that they were sent by Nadiya’s father to pick her up at school.

Fortunately, Nadiya got suspicious of the perpetrator’s behavior until she saw one of the perpetrators removing a cloth from his pants pocket. Immediately, Nadiya ran back into the school.

“At that time the school was deserted, I was waiting for a pickup. Then at that time a man approached me. He said that we (the perpetrators) were asked to pick up, because of father (parents) was busy. At that time I was suspicious, because there was someone who wanted to take the cloth out from the pants pocket. I then ran into the school,” said Nadiya.

To, Nadiya described the perpetrators used a black car without using a police number plate. One perpetrator has a tall stature, the other two actors are rather short. “The all of them wore hats and masks,” said Nadiya.

Muhammad Syarif, Nadiya’s parents, confirmed that they had reported the attempted kidnapping to the Merauke Police. “My daughter is still traumatized, he is still afraid to go to school,” said Syarif.

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