Muslim Fashion Inspired by Papuan Traditional Houses – Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. Who would have thought that the fashion design could be inspired by one of the traditional houses in Indonesia.

This was brought up by the collaboration of young Telkom University designers from the Fashion Textile Craft Study Program.

Among them are Lutfia Nurazizah, Nabila Rahmaniar Coirunnisa’, Sophia Dewi Anjani and Zahwa Fani Gunawan.

This design is the result of this fashion collection entitled “Nuraga” supported by CV. Gavrila who supports the material.

Inspired by Papuan culture, the Ebai traditional house is used specifically for women’s associations.

‘Ebe’ which means body and ‘ai’ which means house. The word body is used, because women are believed to be bodies for life.

In addition, this dress is also inspired by the house of Hanoi. This house has a mushroom-like silhouette that serves as a place for women to live.

In addition, the Hanoi house is usually used as a place to educate their children, teach them how to live before they grow up.

Ebai’s house itself is also shaped like a mushroom, then the mushroom has a line element that is repeated. Inside Ebai’s house, there are 2 floors.

In clothes designed by Telkom University, this two-story traditional house is represented by layering clothing style.

In addition, in this fashion design, details of the Black Orchid flower are also included. In the Papua area, there is indeed a Black Orchid flower.

This plant is a very odd flower and is only found in the Papua area. For clothing designed by Telkom University, it is used for semi-formal with the style of ‘Yuppies.’

The materials used are combed cotton, tripe, thread pull, waffle, babyterry spandex with a touch of black, brown, khaki, and cream.

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