Music Concert of 1,220 Meters Underground Papua – The underground mine of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) has again received an award from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI).

After registering mosques and churches at the deepest location of 1,700 meters underground level in the MURI record, now the musical performance held in the context of PTFI’s 55th Anniversary has been recorded as the winner of the MURI record because it was held at the deepest location, 1,220 meters below ground level.

A PTFI President Director Tony Wenas received the MURI award on Thursday, April 7, 2022, which was handed over directly by Mr. Ngadri, MURI’s Director of Operations at the PTFI Anniversary celebration with underground mining employees.

This musical performance, which is being held in the depths of the ground, to be precise in the Grasberg Block Caving (GBC) area of ​​PTFI’s underground mine, is a form of appreciation from the company to employees who can still maintain their productivity at work amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is also inseparable from the achievement of increasing production which goes according to plan.

“This is an expression of gratitude for the company’s achievements, and at the same time a form of appreciation to employees. In the midst of the challenges of the pandemic, thanks to the hard work and dedication of all employees, we were able to maintain the company’s performance. The increase in production is going according to plan while still prioritizing aspects of occupational health and safety,” said Tony.

PTFI’s underground mine is the largest in the world. Tony added that the challenge faced in managing a mine with a high level of difficulty is how to manage this asset as well as possible through safe and sustainable production activities, so that PT Freeport Indonesia can contribute maximally to the nation and state.

PT Freeport Indonesia’s underground mines have made a significant contribution to Papua’s economic growth at a time when the national economy was declining amid the Covid-19 pandemic. BPS data shows that the mining and quarrying sector contributes 40.80 percent to Papua’s economic growth.

“We realize that this good achievement for Papua involves the role of all stakeholders, including PTFI employees, the Government, and the community who continue to support the sustainability of our operations in Mimika,” concluded Tony Wenas.

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