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Musamus, a Huge Anthill from a Wasur National Park Merauke

goodmorningpapua.com – It is no secret that Indonesia has a rich variety of flora and fauna from the west to the east. In fact, every region in Indonesia often has its own uniqueness to be exhibited to the eyes of the world. No exception, the easternmost region in Indonesia, namely Merauke City.

In Merauke City, you can find a variety of endemic natural phenomena, flora and fauna that are difficult to find in other areas. It’s like, Merauke always keeps a hidden gem for every visitor who is ready to be amazed.

About 15 minutes from Merauke Regency using a four-wheeled road trip, you can visit Wasur National Park. In this place, you will see a towering mound of earth.

Quoted from ditsmp.kemdikbud.go.id, the mound is called Musamus. For the people of Merauke, Musamus is a term for naming an anthill.

However, this is not a usual anthill. It is because, Musamus often has a very colossal size. Home to this tiny creature, it has a height of up to five meters and has a diameter of about two meters.

Physically, the musamus looks like a mound of earth made of soil, dry grass, and the saliva of its host. Not infrequently, some people judge it similar to a stalagmite in a cave. Generally, the surface texture of Musamus is grooved and reddish-brown in color, according to the color of the soil in its habitat.

Inside Musamus, there are usually small passages or cavities. The cavity is used by the ant colony as a place to live and ventilation to maintain a stable temperature.

Another special thing about Musamus is that not many areas in the world have a similar phenomenon. If quoting from indonesiakarya.com, this mound of earth as an ant’s house also exists in Australia. However, in Indonesia, these mounds can only be found in Merauke.

So, when are you going to visit Merauke and witness this huge anthill immediately?

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