MUI, Religious Leaders, and Sadistic KKB – A chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Papua Province, KH Syaiful Islam Al Payage condemned the sadistic terrorist acts of the armed criminal group (KKB) in Nduga, Papua. A total of 10 civilians were shot dead, 2 of them are religious leaders.

“I, as a religious leader, condemn the inhumane actions of the KKB Nduga, having killed civilians and even religious leaders,” said KH Syaiful Islam Al Payage, Monday (18/7/2022).

He urged that the police immediately investigate the case thoroughly. As a state of law, the perpetrators of shootings must be immediately arrested and processed with appropriate sanctions.

“Whoever carried out this tragedy should be processed legally so that the law in this country can be enforced,” he said.

Syaiful also hopes that the government make the KKB attack case a priority agenda to be resolved. The government is said to be obligated to provide a sense of security and peace to the people of Papua.

“Let’s sit down together to think about this, and find the right solution to create lasting comfort and security in Papua. I’m sure the figures have done that with their abilities and capacities,” explained Syaiful.

MUI Papua also appeals to the public not to be provoked by hoaxes that can disrupt conditions in the Land of Papua. Residents are asked to filter incoming news through social media.

“I hope that the tragedy in Nduga Regency, which killed 10 people, will be the last. Don’t let this small community who earn a living in Papua become victims in vain. Human values ​​are the most important thing, never occur violence against the community anymore,” he added.

Syaiful expressed his sorrow and concern over the incident. He emphasized that all religious leaders and youth hope that conditions in Papua will soon be conducive and peaceful.

“Security is everything, if it’s not safe, of course we can’t work optimally, can’t have an office, worship can’t even be conducted. This is a very important and necessary fit for security together in the Land of Papua,” concluded Syaiful .

It is known that KKB terrorists massacred civilians in Nduga Regency, Papua, last Saturday (16/7). A total of 12 people became victims of the shooting, of which 10 died, and 2 others were critical.

In fact, two religious figures were reportedly killed for the KKB’s heinous act. One of the victims, namely Ustaz Daeng Marannu from South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi).

“There is Ustaz Daeng Marannu, priest Eliaser Banner who was also a victim of the shooting,” said Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police, Kombes Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, Sunday (17/7).

Besides Ustaz Daeng Marannu, previously there was a priest Eliaser who was also a victim of the KKB shooting. The victim is a local resident or from Nduga Regency, Papua.

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