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Muhammadiyah Wants to Build a Safe Papua Orientation

goodmorningpapua.com – A Chairperson of PP Muhammadiyah, Haedar Nashir, said that Muhammadiyah is present throughout Indonesia, including Papua. Muhammadiyah wants to build a new orientation that Papua is a safe area.

“We want to build a new orientation that actually Papua is safe,” said Haedar at the PP Muhammadiyah Office, Yogyakarta City, Friday (23/12/2022).

Haedar stressed, when there are social problems or conflicts occuring in Papua, they don’t have to be solved with a physical approach. However, solving problems in Papua must prioritize a socio-cultural approach.

“There should be a socio-cultural approach and we are ready for that. At the congress yesterday, we made a statement that there was a need to reorient the approach to resolving Papua,” said Haedar.

Haedar also asked the central government to redraw policies related to solving the Papua problem. “When there are problems of insecurity, that’s a tangled thread that must be resolved together, and the policies of Jakarta (the central government) must of course be rearranged as well,” he explained.

Related to the arrival of Muhammadiyah to Papua, this was done by building various educational institutions. Not only schools, but also tertiary institutions were built for the distribution of education in all parts of Indonesia.

The presence of Muhammadiyah in Papua was also carried out by building various health service facilities (fasyankes). Through these various efforts, Muhammadiyah has been accepted by the Papuan people.

“Muhammadiyah does not use words, we practice that we prove diversity by being able to be together and able to work together in differences,” said Haedar.

“So Muhammadiyah doesn’t talk about Islam like this, but we practice that Islam is integrated with society. So when various events occur over there, they say Muhammadiyah is our brother, that’s how we are present,” he added.

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